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Fall of 2019

"The Basic Serbia"

Art, History, Food and Culture!

​​October 2019

A Chronicle

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See Serbia was born out of a deep desire to share a little known part of the world with those who love art, history, food and travel. Adventure and exploration are your companions as you unveil a noble people, their rich history and a tradition of hospitality unrivaled. Rest upon the refreshing landscape abundant in organic experiences while immersing yourself in the tumultuous history which has shaped this part of the world for centuries. Resilience and warmth are ever-present in the Serbian people as the past folds comfortably into the future yielding an astonishing present. Where is Serbia? Montenegro? Join us as we navigate!

Your adventure awaits…

Our Services

See Serbia offers four options for discovery. Select from The Basic Serbia, The Pilgrimage Experience, The Serbian Table or allow us to create a custom package just for you!