"Belgrade to Ohrid"


Following in the Footsteps of St. Bishop Nikolai

October 4-15, 2018

Spend ten days retracing the footsteps of St. Bishop Nikolai. Visit his birthplace, where he studied, lived, taught and prayed. From Serbia to the United States, this venerable saint planted the seeds of love and tolerance for all humans.

Share stories with those who knew him, learn of his music and poetry from the locals. Visit Monastery St. Naum in Ohrid where he wrote his famous work "Prayers By the Lake" a timeless masterpiece of spiritually edifying poetry.   

Sample the finest cuisine Serbia has to offer along the way. Authentic and traditional foods paired with local award winning wines and spirits.

Limited to a small group, this experience will be up close and personal.

Deadline is September 15, 2018

Contact us at info@seeserbia.com for more info